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(Posted Nov 4, 2003 9:20 AM)
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I am very interested in your ArcGIS extension for viewing nautical charts, but am not too sure what charts are available.
Your documentation indicates that the files must be NOAA BSB charts and lists the
Digital Chartkit Pro, which covers the US coastline only. International charts are listed on the same web-page
but it is not clear if these would be available for viewing in ArcGIS and what format is used.

I am particularly interested in CP 152 (Newport to Bermuda) and others in the Caribbean.

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International Charts and ArcGIS...
(msg #n/a: Posted Nov 5, 2003 3:04 PM)

Our "encrypted" (BSB 4) CDs can not be used with the ArcGIS extensions,
at this time. While we will be adding that ability in the coming months,
our license agreements with international agencies prohibit us from
allowing the use of their charts outside of navigation software products.
Unfortunately, this includes the ArcGIS extensions.


-Ed Lecuyer

Manager, Quality Assurance and Technical Support


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