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Printing Tips

Created: 12/11/2003


A few printing tips and tricks...


We have tested our software with a variety of printers and configurations. During our testing we determined a number of tricks to ensure compatibility. If you are experiencing printing problems, please try these steps:

Ensure that Your Printer has Enough Memory
If you get an 'out of memory' (or similar) error message, or if your printer is unable to print the chart or map, it is likely that your printer does not have enough memory to print
a full-page image (or a series of images if you are printing several chart pages at once). Try the tips listed below. If the problem persists, you will probably need to upgrade your printer memory. The amount of memory necessary varies between printers: contact your printer manufacturer for specifications.

Always Use Current Printer Driver
The printer driver is a piece of software, provided by your printer manufacturer, that controls your printer's operations. You can acquire and install the latest driver from your printer manufacturer's website. Since drivers are constantly being updated, it is a good idea to check for the latest version, even if you recently purchased your printer. Follow the instructions provided at your printer manufacturer's website to install the driver.

Print Setup Options
From Offshore Navigator's File menu, choose Print Setup. The Print Setup window lets you make many adjustments to your print jobs. You may need to press the Properties button for access to some of these settings:

Try a lower DPI setting (300dpi vs. 600dpi)

Try different Quality settings (including Low/Medium/High, EconoMode, REt)

Reduce the page size by selecting a smaller than 8.5x11 sheet.

Disable your Print Spooler.

If you are using a PostScript printer, choose 'ASDC - Portability Optimization.'

Other Tips
When several chart pages are desired, try printing them one at a time, rather than all at once.

If the printer is connected via a network, try connecting it directly to the computer (i.e., create a local connection instead of a network connection).


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