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6b. The computer's CPU runs at 100% when the GPS is connected

Created: 12/10/2003
Modified: 04/10/2007


GPS Troubleshooting


While connected to a GPS, Offshore Navigator (as well as Maptech's other software products, including Terrain Navigator and Chart Navigator) is constantly checking for new position information. This is done so that the position displayed by the Navigator software is as accurate as possible.

Constantly monitoring for position in this fashion will appear to "maximize" the CPU's processing. By running system monitoring software, you may observe that the CPU appears to be running at 100% when connected to the GPS. This is completely normal operation for Maptech software applications.

In the event that other software applications need to use the CPU for processing, the GPS process "yields" to the other application(s). Thus, there is no adverse affects to having a GPS connection when other software products are used. We are also unaware of any other conditions that would be compromised by utilizing the CPU exclusively with a low- priority process within an application, including power consumption and overheating.

That all having been said, there are other ways that serial communications can be employed to provide a reasonably accurate position without using a low-priority process. As Maptech continues to improve and refine its products, we may investigate the use of these techniques.


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