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Fix: Unable to register CHS BSB4 CDs - Installation ID Appears Blank

Created: 06/11/2007


Latest ChartReg.DLL

Due to an oversight, the registration application included on some early editions of the CHS BSB4 Digital Chart CDs will not display the Installation ID necessary to complete a telephone registration. This download corrects this issue.

How To Install
Click the link below. In most instances, your web browser will ask if the file should be Opened, or Saved to your computer. Choose Save, then select a location to Save the downloaded file In. If you are unfamiliar with downloading and applying software patches, we recommend choosing your "Desktop"; select Save In, Desktop and press Save. Once the download completes, double-click the downloaded "ChartReg" application that appears on your Desktop. This will apply the patch to your computer. Once that process is completed, insert the BSB4 CD that is to be registered, complete the registration process, and delete the downloaded ChartReg from your Desktop.

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For CHS and other BSB4 Encrypted CDs.


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